I am a singing of leaves

I am a singing of leaves

Jestem śpiewem liści
(Eng. I am a singing of leaves)

(August 2013)

inspired by poetry by H. Poświatowska (excerpt)
translation by Marek Lugowski

(jestem) śpiewem liści
pod dotykiem twoich ciepłych ust

(I am) a singing of leaves
under the touch of your warm lips

My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.
My photographs do not belong to the public domain.
© All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “I am a singing of leaves

  1. thepiratehorizon says:

    love it. add some tags, your work deserves wider attention and people on WP are lazy. this one has a modern retro feel and a sensuality that keeps eyes stuck. the mouth is the pulsing delight of the photo, in my opinion

    • rapidheartmovement says:

      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your words. Well, this photograph was tagged with 24 tags while publishing. I am not sure what went wrong that my tags are not visible to anyone. Actually, I am quite new here and have no idea how it works.

      • thepiratehorizon says:

        you are right, many tags there. next time you post something check out in one of the tags (e.g. photography) and see if it appears. i know my PH place does not appear due to the nudes – so i’m out of any tag range. your creations deserve more audience in my opinion. i’ll link yu in my longestsummer place. not that it makes any difference, but at least we try, hehe. ciao

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