In the evening’s warm fingers

In the evening's warm fingers

W ciepłych palcach wieczoru
(Eng. In the evening’s warm fingers)

poetry by H. Poświatowska (excerpt)
translation by Marek Lugowski

w ciepłych palcach wieczoru
mieszkają świerszcze
i dlatego wieczór się śmieje cicho
a czasem płacze

in the evening’s warm fingers
crickets live
and this is why the evening chuckles softly
and sometimes sobs

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2 thoughts on “In the evening’s warm fingers

  1. thepiratehorizon says:

    there’s an interesting tension between the apparent retro look of your portraits and the vibrant sensuality of the expression. as if femininity went back in time to take back what had to stay unexpressed or even repressed. there’s erotica as force, but in a subtle way. beautiful

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